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Commercial projects

Marble Doctor restores and refinishes natural stone at condominiums, museums, hotels, restaurants, higher education halls, and other commercial facilities. Our trained technicians can restore and maintain the luster of your building’s marble and natural stone, even in those high-traffic areas.

Your company made a significant long-term investment when they built natural stone worktops, flooring, entryways, restrooms, reception areas, and other locations. Seeing those look less amazing than they were that first day might be frustrating, but we’re here to cheer you up. Give us a call today to obtain a free consultation for your commercial project.

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May 30, 2023


Various Clients


Marble Doctor VA LLC

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Waterstreet polished lobby

After our service, your stone will appear like new again and you will be given long-term cleaning recommendations. Our services will minimize the need for future restoration and we will provide a customized maintenance plan for your fine stone.

Lobby before

Lobby Initial Condition

Polished lobby

Same Lobby After Marble Doctor