5 Reasons You Should Seal Your Natural Stone

Learn why sealing your natural stone is essential for preserving its beauty and durability. Explore the five key reasons to prioritize stone sealing.

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Natural stone like marble, quartz, and granite is durable, which makes it a popular choice for countertops and other home surfaces. Even though natural stone is resistant to many chemicals, these surfaces can still be damaged by everyday wear and tear, such as food and wine stains in the kitchen, cosmetics in the bathroom, or foot traffic on your flooring.

That is why it’s important to add sealing stone to the list of upkeep items around your home and make it part of your regular marble, granite, and quartz care.

Sealing your stone isn’t only important because it helps you avoid surface scratches and other visual imperfections that can occur with regular use, it also has many other benefits. Here are five more reasons why you should seal your stone.

1. Preservation

The main reason you seal stone is to preserve your natural stone surface for as long as you can. Sealing your stone will help keep up the appearance of your countertops and other home surfaces by preventing them from looking dull. Industry-standard, stone-specific impregnating sealers like the ones used at The Marble Doctor will prevent oil, water, and other contaminants from leaving behind mineral deposits that can cause your natural stone surfaces to look cloudy or dull.

2. Stain Prevention

Have you ever seen someone spill liquid on fabric that has been sprayed with a liquid-resistant protector? The liquid just beads up and rolls away without leaving behind a stain. This same concept applies to natural stone sealers. Sealing your stone will cause liquids spilled on your countertop to bead up instead of absorbing into the stone. When left unattended and without a stain protective coat, these spills can leave surface stains.

3. Easy Cleaning

Sealing your stone will make cleaning up messes easier overall. Dirt, liquids, crumbs, and grease can be wiped away easily, cutting down on the “elbow grease” needed and overall cleaning time.

4. Safer Cleaning

Not only will sealing your stone make cleaning easier, but it also helps you get a healthier clean. Because messes on countertops get wiped away easily after a natural stone surface has been sealed, you won’t have to use as many harsh chemicals, which is better for your family and the environment.

5. Less Etching

Etching is what occurs on natural stone like marble, granite, and quartz when acidic foods are spilled on the counter and not cleaned up immediately. When the acid reacts with the calcium carbonate in your natural stone surfaces, it literally eats away at the surface and creates dull spots known as etches. This can occur from things like a splash of lemon juice or drips of tomato sauce.

These subtle marks are not stains; they are actually changes in the stone’s color itself. It’s as permanent as a scratch. But if you take the time to have your stone sealed, you can reduce possible etching from occurring.

Not only is it important to seal your stone surfaces in your home, but it’s also important to have the right professionals to do it for you. Surface sealing is one of our many residential services at The Marble Doctor. We seal and clean marble surfaces with industry-standard stone-specific impregnating sealers. We also apply mineral coatings and water repellents to exterior surfaces.

The Marble Doctor is a 25-year veteran of the natural stone industry. Our company strives to preserve natural stone and marble using our founding family’s — the Donatelli family — Old World techniques. The Marble Doctor offers residential services for kitchen countertops, marble flooring and tiles, stone fireplaces, and vanities and sinks.

Now that you know more about the benefits of sealing your stone, why not give us a call or request a consultation today.

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