What to Look For When Hiring a Marble Restoration Company

When it comes to marble restoration, finding the right company is crucial. Learn the key factors to consider, from certification to historical expertise.

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Restoring or repairing marble floors, pillars, or fixtures is not recommended for the average craftsman. Marble is an amazing stone that requires intricacies of restoration techniques and applications. With that being said, what should you look for in a marble restoration company?

Certification For Marble Restoration

The care and restoration of marble should be in the hands of a professional marble restoration company that holds an updated Restoration Mortar Installation Certificate. A Restoration Mortar Installation Certificate defines the company’s specialized training in order to work with marble and, more specifically, mortar.

On-The-Job Experience & Skills

What kind of work does it take to restore marble? Even for a simpler surface cleaning, a certified marble restoration professional should be contacted. Choose a company with years of on-the-job experience and skills to hone your marble to its former luster and shine.

  • Stone restoration and refinishing. Does this restoration company offer experience working with cornices, facades, and flooring?
  • Surface cleaning and sealing. Does this company have work methodologies that allow for the restoration of large spaces with minimal impact on the use of those spaces? The company needs experience working with larger clients and homeowners and to respect the fact that the area under repair also needs to handle everyday foot traffic.
  • Grout cleaning and replacement. For some marble applications, the problem isn’t with the marble but with the grout or mortar. A professional who’s certified in mortar usage is necessary for this job. Over-cleaning with household chemicals damages grout and the surface on which it sits. Due to over-cleaning, the grout must be replaced and should match the clean version of the existing grout on repair jobs.
  • Marble maintenance. It’s always recommended to use a professional with years of experience and Old World education to work in marble restoration. A quality marble restoration company needs a gallery of complete jobs and positive customer recommendations.

An Eye For Historical Marble Restoration

Marble is often in historic buildings, museums, and places of worship. The stone is fabled and beautiful, so it should be worked on only by a professional who has Old World experience and education. This professional often has an eye for historical marble restoration and will treat it as the perfect natural stone that it is.

The company you choose to work with your marble should have a project gallery with projects that match yours. For example, if you’re a homeowner in a resale home with marble kitchen countertops, look for a professional with the experience to restore your marble countertops.

If you’re in a large government building with a marble entryway, invest in its maintenance and cleaning by looking for a professional who has done federal work.

Working on a commercial or residential project requires more finesse than simply restoring or cleaning marble. Each project has different needs, like a different insurance or security clearance. Above all else, while marble is marble, each project requires a special understanding of how to cater to each building or house.

Marble is a royal stone that deserves the respect of a company that understands how to properly restore it using Old-World techniques that are blended to camouflage into the modern world.

While experience matters, it needs to be supplemented with professional certifications and customer recommendations that authenticate claims of a job well done. Marble Doctor in Northern Virginia offers all this and more.

For more information on how to restore your marble in Northern Virginia, contact the experienced technicians at Marble Doctor. You can also download our Guide To Understanding Marble Restoration. Click on the button below to get started:

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