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Government Building Marble Flooring Restoration

Government buildings stand by a code like those who walk their halls. However, those halls don’t have to be lackluster or outdated. To reflect the respect that your government building deserves, marble and stone restoration is the long-term solution.

Marble Doctor can restore, refinish, or repair the marble or stone in your government building using efficient, high quality techniques for any project.


To complement stone repair, we resurface stone by honing the material to its original luster using grit industrial diamond pads and water. This reaches an even and consistent finish, preps stone for further honing or polishing, and ensures finishing consistency and color match.


Natural stone and cast concrete require special attention. We gently yet effectively remove stains from these surfaces using poultices and specific additives. This is the ultimate solution for stone statues, sealed countertops, and cast concrete walls.


We offer interior and exterior cleaning to renew areas in need with the latest amount of impact to everyday traffic. Using natural pH cleaners and industry-standard stone-specific impregnating sealers, we clean residual organic compounds and seal for protection and resistance.


Our stone maintenance expertise ensures that your commercial walls, floors, and other surfaces areas of interest look their best for visitors.


At Marble Doctor, we do everything by hand. We perform color match epoxy repairs to broken tiles, tables, and slabs. To complement this process, we also resurface stone to ensure finishing consistency and near-perfect color match.

Maintenance Program

We create custom Maintenance Prescription Programs that are tailored to the traffic pattern of your floor. We work with on-site staff to ensure the floor is cleaned and maintained between visits and to avoid large natural stone replacement from cracking, spalling, or breaking.


Marble Doctor can help restore, refinish, and refine a variety of surfaces for your home or commercial building. We provide expertise in all natural stone maintenance and refurbishment of these fine surfaces.







Other Surfaces

Government Building Property Restoration

Marble or natural stone flooring enthrals people with its beautiful luster and shine. With each passing day, marble flooring loses its shine if not maintained properly. Marble Doctor provides cost-efficient government building marble flooring restoration services to its customers and provides them with the best plans for maintaining their flooring throughout its lifespan. In government offices or buildings, flooring needs regular maintenance due to the inflow of large numbers of people. For this reason, the flooring in your government building, to include your elevators, needs to be restored on a regular basis to avoid heavy wear and tear.

We also utilize the most effective techniques to repair stone and accomplish restoration work of government monuments on time. We specialize in restoring natural stone by adopting dust-free practices and methods. Using a water-based process, our technicians remove thin layers of natural stone during the honing to restore the proper finish of that stone. Then, we utilize a natural polishing powder to polish the stone, not acids, waxes, or chemicals.