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The Importance of Marble Cleaning and Restoration


Marble, with its classic timelessness and chic appeal, holds a special place in architecture. From the magnificent Roman Colosseum in Italy, to the iconic Taj Mahal in India, to the majestic Washington Monument in our Nation's Capital, marble has adorned famous landmarks throughout history. However, even the most durable material like marble requires restoration to

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Marble Countertop Restoration


Marble countertops are elegant and timeless, but they require maintenance to keep their lustrous appearance. Over time, marble can become dull, scratched, and stained, losing its natural beauty. When this happens, many homeowners opt for restoration instead of replacement, as it can save them thousands of dollars. Marble Doctor's professional marble restoration services address all

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How to Clean Marble Floors


One of earth’s natural wonders, marble is created when limestone breaks down and recrystallizes under intense heat and pressure. This process gives marble it's unique and beautiful aesthetic. However, in order to keep your marble floors in pristine condition, they need a little extra love and attention when cleaning to keep up their shine and

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D.C. Marble Polishing Professionals


        Marble Polishing       Top Marble Polishing Company in D.C., Maryland, and Virginia At the Marble Doctor, our marble polishing professionals pride themselves on techniques they spent years perfecting. Over the decades, new polishing processes have entered the marketplace, and new companies have come and gone. We've been restoring

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Types of Marble from Around the World


For centuries marble stone has stood as a symbol of luxury and sophistication in landmarks, businesses, museums, and homes all over the world. Each slab of marble is unique, with countless options for colors and patterns that appeal to the aesthetic tones you want to achieve. The Marble Doctor outlined our favorite colored marble

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3 Reasons to Avoid Using Store-Bought Cleaners to Kill Viruses on Natural Stone


Cleaning high-touch areas in households has proven to be an effective way to keep families safe from COVID-19 and other viral infections. For many surfaces in the home, traditional store-bought, acidic-based cleaners will effectively disinfect these areas. However, it is important to avoid using store-bought cleaners on your natural stone for the following reasons: 1.

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