Old World techniques. New-age artisans. 

That’s the Marble Doctor way.

Our expert technicians restore, refinish and repair a variety of natural stone surfaces using environmentally friendly, old world techniques. Ask for a free consultation today and let us bring new life to your fine stone.

About Us

Marble Doctor provides natural stone restoration services to residential, commercial and government clients.

From 100-year old buildings in Baltimore,  to historic preservation sites in Washington D.C., to your kitchen countertops and marble foyer – we do it all.

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Why Choose Us

Satisfaction and natural shine. 

Instead of using chemical coatings and faux finishes, we utilize the same polishing techniques as the stone fabricators. Our process is environmentally friendly, better for the life of your fine natural stone, and delivers exceptional results.

Marble Doctor offers residential services for kitchen countertops, flooring, fireplaces, vanities, patios and any other natural stone surface in your home.

Marble Doctor also provides restoration services to commercial and government clients for lobbies, stairs, altars, and more.

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Our Services

Marble Doctor can restore, refinish, and repair a variety of surfaces for your home or commercial building. 


Commercial Services

Marble Doctor helps museums, restaurants, hotels, higher education halls, entryways, and other commercial buildings. We perform restoration of historic marble and stone to ensure the charming aesthetic of your commercial building.

Residential Services

If you feel like your marble countertops or stone fireplace aren’t what they used to be, Marble Doctor can help. This piece of home improvement is often overshadowed by more popular projects, but the difference marble restoration make is undeniable.

Government Services

Government buildings stand by a code like those who walk their halls. However, those halls don’t have to be a lackluster or outdated. To reflect the respect that your government building deserves. marble and stone restoration is the long-term solution.

Places of Worship Services

Your place of worship should emulate the love and devotion of your patrons every day. Whether it’s a stone wall, a marble floor, or an Old World staircase, no restoration project is too big or too small for Marble Doctor.

Project Gallery

Over the past three decades, the Marble Doctor has built an established reputation as natural stone restoration experts. The staff at the Marble Doctor represent some of the most knowledgeable and skilled artisans in the D.C. metropolitan area. The all-natural techniques used by our technicians are an art form, that a very limited number of people take the time to learn or master.

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