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Old World techniques. New age artisans.

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From 100-year old buildings in Baltimore, to historic preservation sites in Washington D.C., to your kitchen countertops and marble foyer – we do it all.

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Our expert technicians restore, refinish and repair a variety of natural stone surfaces using environmentally friendly, old world techniques.

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Marble Doctor provides superior-quality marble and natural stone restoration services in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area. Our trained artisans restore buildings ranging from commercial premises to government facilities, from residential homes to places of worship. Our natural stone restoration services enhance your marble’s appearance, durability, and aesthetic values, at a competitive price. Our technicians can resolve your marble stains, chips, cracks, and scratches and offer a beautiful new insight into your home or workspace.


If your marble countertops, entry foyer, or stone fireplace have lost their shine, Marble Doctor can help. This piece of home improvement is easily overlooked but the difference marble restoration makes is undeniable.

Home Improvement

Residential ServicesWith high quality service and attention to detail, we can restore your marble and stone surfaces back to their former luster and shine.


Condominiums, museums, higher education, and more. Marble Doctor's trained technicians can restore and maintain the luster of your building’s marble and natural stone, even in those high-traffic areas.

Property Management

Commercial ServicesOur natural stone restoration services in Washington D.C. enhance your marble’s appearance, durability, and aesthetic values.


Government buildings area a visual representation of the commitment of those who serve. To reflect the respect that your government building deserves, marble and stone restoration is the long-term solution.

Veteran Owned

Government BuildingsFrom small repairs to a full restoration, Marble Doctor offers a variety of long-term solutions to benefit your building.


Your place of worship should emulate the love and devotion of your patrons every day. Whether it’s a stone wall, a marble floor, or an Old World staircase, no restoration project is too big or too small for Marble Doctor.

Places of Worship

Holy Comforter Street ViewWe’ll restore, refinish, or repair your place of worship back to its former glory, because a place of compassion deserves care inside and out.

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Satisfaction and natural shine.

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The following list of clients speaks for itself. Marble Doctor has been trusted with preserving and restoring the original luster of natural stone for many of the finest institutions in our area.

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Welcome to our news updates for marble polishing, where we share the latest industry trends, news, and tips for maintaining and restoring marble surfaces. Our team of experts offers insights on various topics related to marble care, including cleaning, polishing, and sealing. Whether you are a homeowner or a commercial property owner, our blogs provide valuable information to help you enhance the beauty and longevity of your marble surfaces.

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Old Word Techniques. New Age Artisans.

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